Memorigin Tourbillon

MEMORIGIN is a Hong Kong company which only produces tourbillon watches with its own brand name. The development and application of the tourbillon technology by MEMORIGIN can be seen as a major leap of technological advances in the watch industry and a major victory for Hong Kong, China.

With its base founded in Hong Kong, MEMORIGIN has witnessed the miracle of economic transformation of the city from an unnoticed local village filled with largely graceful fishermen to an international city gathered with various professional talents. Getting inspired by Hong Kong's picturesque Victoria Harbor, MEMORIGIN aims to bring our customers the eternal flow of happiness and sweet memories.

As the name MEM-ORIGIN suggests, our tourbillon watch is a unique timepiece that shares the good memories of the past and carries hope of the future. On the left, MEM means Memorial-this watch not only records time, but also it gathers memories that are the most significant in your life; on the right, ORIGIN means Original. Thus the assembled meaning of the word MEMORIGIN advocates the grandeur idea to provide our clients with selections of timepieces that serve their unique purposes to celebrate and memorize the everlasting memories of their lives.